Track & Trace

Leading provider in traceability, RTLS and brand protection solutions

A label manufacturer for more than 60 years, Paragon ID continues to innovate and adapt its offering to the changing needs of its customers in key sectors including logistics, retail, health, pharma and automotive.

Paragon ID is the largest RFID provider in Europe today with a fully integrated offer (RFID inlays, tags and labels). We have combined our labelling industrial know-how with our RFID expertise to offer a wide range of products and services that bring solutions to the challenges faced by many industries - labelling compliance, traceability, inventory management, loss prevention, counterfeiting and customer engagement.

Through its subsidiary RFID Discovery, Paragon ID is also the leader in integrated location and identification tracking solutions using RFID, BLE, UWB, GPS, Wi-Fi and other technologies. 

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RAIN RFID inlays

RAIN RFID inlays

Paragon ID offers a wide range of RAIN RFID inlays meeting ARC certification for diverse markets including retail, aviation, logistics and pharmaceutical.
Conventional labels

Conventional Labels

Paragon ID is a specialist in the design and manufacture of labels. We can meet all your requirements from the simplest to the most complex.
Brand Protection

Brand protection

Paragon ID's RFID based solutions to protect your most valuable assets - your products, your brand and your reputation.
NFC and RAINFC inlays

NFC and RAINFC inlays

Paragon ID offers NFC and RAINFC inlays in many different sizes and various read ranges to fit applications including brand protection and smart packaging.
Air France choose Paragon ID for its RFID tags

Baggage Tags

The European leader in the supply of baggage tags working with amazing brands across many countries and in compliance with IATA regulations.
Smart Packaging

Smart Packaging

Smart or "connected" packaging refers to a package which carries technology such as RFID / NFC technology to provide an greater experience for the end-user.
RFID Labels

RFID Labels and Tags

Paragon ID brings together 60 years of experience in label converting and high-tech in-house RFID inlay manufacturing bringing full end-to-end solutions.
Integrated Tracking Solutions

Integrated tracking solutions

Paragon ID, through its subsidiary RFiD Discovery, offers a broad range of integrated identification and location tracking solutions (RTLS).