Integrated tracking solutions

Subtitle: Paragon ID, through its subsidiary RFiD Discovery, offers a broad range of integrated identification and location tracking solutions.
Integrated Tracking Solutions

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RFiD Discovery is a leading provider of integrated location tracking solutions.

Using the latest technologies including active and passive RFID, BLE, UWB, GPS, Wi-Fi and more, RFiD Discovery provides smart solutions to customers across the globe in diverse markets including healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, oil & gas, construction and retail.

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The track and trace experts 

RFiD Discovery is a leader in integrated location and identification tracking solutions using RFID, BLE, UWB, GPS, Wi-Fi and other technologies.

As an independent systems provider, RFiD Discovery specialises in combining relevant hardware and software technologies to meet the specific needs of its customers. All RFiD Discovery software solutions can be interfaced with other business systems such as WMS, ERP and asset management systems to help deliver improved visibility and enhance overall operational and financial performance. 

Asset tracking

RFiD Discovery offers asset tracking solutions for both healthcare and industry customers utilising either passive RFID, BLE, UWB and other related technologies. 

RFiD Discovery can tailor the use of tracking technology to suit your budget and requirements. System configurations will often vary depending on how accurately locations need to be determined and whether information is required in real-time.

A web based application enables the user to interrogate a central database to identify the last known location of an asset or generate a history showing where an asset has been over a specific time period.

People tracking

People tracking solutions can be utilised in both healthcare and industry sectors to protect individuals and monitor efficiency. Using highly accurate real-time location systems (RTLS), provides immediate access to critical location data.

In hospitals, care homes and other healthcare settings, RFiD Discovery staff safety systems help to safeguard staff in emergency situations, while wandering patient safety system help to reduce the need for nursing staff to continuously supervise 'at-risk' patients. 

In construction, mining, manufacturing and other industrial environments, RFiD Discovery solutions track workers to enhance safety and improve efficiency. 

Inventory management

RFiD Discovery’s inventory management solutions use RFID technology to automatically record the locations of individual stock items or assets to provide businesses and other organisations with highly accurate real-time inventory information.

By eliminating the need for manual stock checking, this saves time and reduces errors, while accurate inventory data reduces the need for just-in-case stock. By identifying if the correct items are being picked for shipping, the RFiD Discovery system can reduce costly shipping errors and improve customer satisfaction.




Tags in passive RFID systems are powered by the electromagnetic energy transmitted by the RFID reader.


RFiD Discovery's passive RFID tracking solutions help organisations to identify and locate their assets, control access, manage inventory, support their supply chain management and much more.


The lower cost per tag makes using passive RFID systems economical for many applications. Find out more

RFiD Discovery's BLE tracking solution is ideal for locating key assets and people in real-time with limited requirements for new infrastructure for example medical devices in hospitals or equipment in a manufacturing environment. It can also be used in sectors such as mining and construction to track workers and for risk prevention as well as yard and RTI management. Find out more.

Ultra-wideband (UWB) is a wireless communication protocol, similar to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. UWB indoor positioning systems can locate assets, inventory or people in real time to within 30 centimetres or even less.


UWB technology can be used to track the precise location, movement and interaction of items in defined spaces. Examples of how UWB can be used include forklift tracking and worker productivity tracking. Find out more

GPS tracking uses satellites to determine the location of assets as well as their subsequent movements, enabling outdoor tracking in real-time.  

Wi-Fi location trackingalso known as Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS), is a geolocation system that leverages Wi-Fi infrastructures to determine the location of assets with proximity tracking and basic RTLS capabilities. 


Near-field communication (NFC) is a set of communication protocols that enable two electronic devices, one of which is usually a portable device such as a smartphone, to establish communication by bringing them within 4 cm of each other.


Paragon ID specialises in NFC inlays, labels and cards for brand protection, smart packaging and contactless cards. Find out more

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Solutions for different industries

RFiD Discovery's solutions can be used a wide range of industries some of which are listed below. 

Healthcare professionals in hospital corridor


For healthcare settings, RFiD Discovery wide range of solutions includes asset tracking, sterile services tracking, smart cabinets, temperature monitoring, inventory management, GS1 asset labelling, baby tagging and wandering patient and staff safety systems.
People working in warehouse

Logistics & Warehousing

In warehousing and logistics, RFiD Discovery's tracking solutions help improve visibility of items throughout the supply chain, from tracking returnable transport items to improving inventory management.
Manufacturing production line


Stay competitive by improving key processes from production to quality control through to distribution with RFiD Discovery's tracking solutions.


By tracking assets, inventory and people on construction sites, RFiD Discovery's location solutions can help streamline operations, increase productivity and improve safety.


RFiD Discovery's tracking solutions can be used throughout mining operations to ensure personnel safety and to track assets.
People in airport


From luggage and luggage trolleys to wheelchairs or catering carts, RFiD Discovery's tracking solutions can help airports to locate all of their business critical assets.
Retail shopping trolley


RFiD Discovery's tracking solutions help medium to large retail businesses locate assets and improve inventory management to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.
Oil rig

Oil & Gas

Companies in the oil & gas sector can benefit from RFiD Discovery's asset and personnel tracking solutions to increase efficiency, ensure compliance and improve the safety of their workers.
Managed services lady ironing shirt

Managed Services

RFiD Discovery's tracking solutions help managed services providers maintain visibility of items throughout supply, cleaning, maintenance and repair processes.