Paragon ID's subsidiary, RFiD Discovery, offers a wide range of integrated tracking solutions to meet the requirements of healthcare providers.

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Leader in tracking solutions for the healthcare sector

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Used in over 100 hospitals in the UK, Europe and beyond
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15-year track record
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GS1 partner and Rain Alliance member

It used to take us three months to complete a full inventory. Now we can carry out an audit of our 10,000 tagged medical devices in just three days!

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Leading provider of RFID tracking solutions for healthcare

RFID tracking solutions allow hospital staff to find required medical assets to deliver the best possible patient care while saving time and reducing costs. Used in over 100 hospitals across the UK, Europe and beyond for over 15 years, RFiD Discovery is the number one choice for medical device tracking and other healthcare location solutions using RFID, BLE and other technologies.

By taking advantage of its many applications, RFiD Discovery can provide RFID solutions to quickly and securely streamline identification, care history, traceability, equipment management (including inventory and maintenance), traceability of blood bags, organs, samples and many more.


As a systems integrator RFiD Discovery uses its expertise of different hardware and software technologies to create a solution that suits your requirements. They work together with carefully selected partners to provide different technologies including:

  • Passive RFID (UHF)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Active Wi-Fi based RFID
  • GPS


RFiD Discovery's proven tracking solutions are totally flexible and range from simply supplying tags, labels or label printers to completely integrated track and trace systems. The company offers support all the way from initial consultation and site survey through to implementation and ongoing management to ensure maximum benefits are achieved and possible pitfalls avoided.

Its labelling and tagging solutions are designed for environments that require high standards of hygiene and cleanliness and are able to withstand regular cleaning with approved chemicals.

Healthcare Solutions 

Check out these healthcare solutions on our RFiD Discovery website

Infusion pumps in hospital

Asset tracking

Automatically tracking the location of medical assets with an RFiD Discovery solution is proven to increase utilisation and therefore reduce capital expenditure. It reduces the time to locate devices so nurses can spend more time on patient care.

Sterile services tracking

RFID tracking can improve the visibility of the locations of surgical equipment to improve utilisation levels and drive down capital costs. At the same time it ensures there are always enough instruments available to cope with demand.
GS1 compliant asset label on medical device

GS1 labelling

RFiD Discovery's GS1 compliant asset labelling solutions help hospitals improve efficiency and quality of care. In the UK, it supports the NHS Scan4Safety initiative by making it easy to record which medical equipment has been used on which patients.
Implant device

Smart Cabinets

Smart cabinets automatically record when items are removed or returned for more efficient management of supplies. Ideal for the storage of implants and other high value assets, they provide a high degree of security and enhanced accountability as access to supplies can be controlled and recorded.
Hospital beds in corridor

Inventory management

Inventory management solutions help hospitals improve efficiency, optimise stock holding, minimise waste and free up time for clinical staff. Tracking consumables helps ensure reliable replenishment of required inventory and prevents waste.
Hospital wayfinding directions signpost


Partnering with wayfinding experts BuzzStreets, RFiD Discovery provides an app-based navigation solution assisting both patients and staff in finding their way around a hospital. This helps reduce late patient arrivals and time spent by staff directing patients, while also assisting new employees and locums.
Temperature monitoring of medical supplies

Temperature monitoring

Automatic temperature monitoring solutions from RFiD Discovery help healthcare providers to improve regulatory compliance, patient safety and operational efficiency. Removing the need for manual checks they help save time, reduce cost and eliminate errors.
Healthcare staff in hospital

Staff Safety Systems

A staff safety emergency call system helps to safeguard medical staff working in hospitals, care homes and other healthcare environments in the event of personal attacks.
Baby in hospital

Baby Tagging

RFiD Discovery's baby tagging solution uses active RFID technology to prevent the unauthorised removal of infants from maternity, neonatal and paediatric wards. Providing 24/7 security and peace of mind.

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