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Subtitle: Thames Technology, a subsidiary of Paragon ID, designs, manufactures and personalises payment cards for large clients in the financial and retail sectors.
Thames Technology financial cards

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Mastercard and Visa accredited cards
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End-to-end service provider
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Over 25 years experience
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The sustainable choice

As one of Europe’s largest and most trusted card issuing partners and a market leader in payment and retail card programmes, Thames Technology produces more than 250 million cards a year for customers in over 60 countries.

The company has a broad history in designing, manufacturing, personalising and distributing some of the world's largest card programmes.

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Trusted partner for all your financial card requirements

Thames Technology offers a range of bespoke end-to-end solutions to meet the requirements of its financial clients. In addition, the company also has proven experience in launching both new payment cards and managing existing programmes at its state-of-the-art industry accredited facility in Rayleigh, UK.

With 25 years’ experience across a variety of sectors, Thames Technology is one of Europe’s largest and most trusted payment card issuing partners.

First metal card manufacturer in Europe 

As well as producing standard PVC financial cards for many of the leading FinTech and financial organisations, Thames Technology is proud to have opened the first metal payment card production facility in Europe at its headquarters in Rayleigh, Essex, UK. 

The Fusion metal card is the first metal card with a dual interface to be manufactured at the production facility. The luxurious card is made from a pure stainless-steel core with an ultra-thin PVC layer on front and back.

Metal payment cards are particularly suited for debit, credit and prepaid financial cards, giving an air of exclusivity both in look and feel, as well as offering a reassuringly weighty durability. They exude elegance, prestige and style, making them a highly sought after option for card users.

The sustainable choice

Thames Technology is dedicated to looking after the environment and reducing the impact their materials and processes have on our planet's ecosystem.

That's why they offer a broad range of environmentally friendly card materials for both retail and financial use. Selected ranges for financial card use include recycled and BIO PVC as well as wooden cards and combine superior quality with proven environmental credentials. 

Mastercard & Visa accredited

Thames Technology has been accredited by Visa and Mastercard since 2003, so you can be assured of the highest level of data security and quality manufacturing and personalisation. 

Secure packaging & fulfilment 

Thames Technology is committed to providing a world-class service to ensure your customers receive their cards on time.

They lead the way in providing tamper-evident sealed packaging to ensure the security of payment cards. To make sure that every card reaches the right person, they offer a high-tech automated fulfilment process. This is supported by a team of specialists who take a hands-on approach to distribution to push the boundaries of secure fulfilment.

Check out our payment card solutions on the Thames Technology website

Thames Technology Fusion metal card

Metal payment cards

The ELEMETAL range of high-quality metal payment cards is one of the widest portfolios of premium cards available in the industry.

From the prestigious 18 karat solid gold card to the eye-catching Fusion metal card, Thames Technology offers a range of metal card options to suit different preferences and budgets.
Thames Technology financial card

Credit & debit cards

Thames Technology is proven at both launching new payment cards & managing existing programmes.

Thames Technology offers the high level of security and technical experience expected as well as the added benefit of a tailored flexible approach to meet the needs of your card programme.