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Subtitle: RTLS (real-time tracking systems) technology can be used to track the locations of assets, inventory or people in real time
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Why use RTLS technology?

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Ensures a high level of accuracy
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Improves efficiency
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Reduces the risk of accidents
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Improves staff management

A Real Time Location System (RTLS) can be used to automatically track and monitor the movements of people, inventory, machinery and other assets in real-time. 

RTLS software can be used in a variety of sectors to help streamline processes, helping to save costs, boost efficiency and above all improve safety. 

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Paragon ID's subsidiary, RFiD Discovery, is a leading provider of integrated location tracking solutions.

How does RTLS software work? 

Three main components make up an RTLS system: transmitters, sensors, and software. By setting up sensors around a site and tagging various assets, businesses can transmit location data to a central data hub. 

An RTLS transmitter attaches to a person or asset and sends identification and location data to receivers over a wireless signal to determine the location. 

Location data can then be accessed via a central tracking database or via software integration sent to other business systems.

Benefits and uses of RTLS 

Boost efficiency

Real-time locations systems can be used to boost the efficiency of business operations. Knowledge of the precise location of assets, inventory or staff in real-time can help businesses to more efficiently utilise assets and human resources to improve productivity. RTLS can help to automatically monitor and time-stamp the progress of people or assets through a process. It can also be used to provide visitors with a wayfinding service to help them navigate through a building. 

In addition, RTLS provides real-time factual information enabling you to see exactly where and how efficiency changes could be made. 

Improve safety

RTLS software provides immediate access to real-time critical location data of both assets and people which can help organisations to quickly identify potential hazards and safety risks, enabling personnel to take steps to help mitigate the risks before accidents occur. 

Real-time monitoring and data capture makes it possible to analyse accidents and even near misses to identify black spots and reduce incidents in future to enhance longer term warehouse and site safety.

Enhance the customer experience

RTLS can be used to keep track of high-value items in retail settings, helping to ensure that the most popular products are always available to meet customer demand. The technology can also be used to provide wayfinding and indoor navigation to help customers, patients or staff navigate their way around buildings. 

Reduce costs 

RTLS software can help businesses to reduce costs and improve their bottom line by reducing the risk of lost or stolen assets. This will help businesses to reduce unnecessary capital expenditure from needing to hire or replace misplaced or stolen equipment. By improving the utilisation of existing assets, RTLS systems can help reduce the need for surplus just-in-case items. 

A selection of industries which can benefit from RTLS

Healthcare staff walking in hospital corridor


RTLS can be used in healthcare settings to locate equipment such as medical devices and beds as well as track patient progress through the hospital from time spent in the emergency department through to total time until discharge.
Forklift in warehouse

Manufacturing & Logistics

Manufacturing and logistics companies can use RTLS software to track the location of materials handling equipment, products or pallets in real time. RTLS can help automate inventory counts and help to locate any misplaced items.
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For retailers RTLS can be a useful way to help prevent theft in stores. It can also be used to help identify popular products and customer shopping habits, helping to optimise sales efforts.
Hotel room


Hospitality businesses can use RTLS software in a number of different ways including to track the location of assets and to help prevent theft of high value items.
Construction site


RTLS can be used to help construction companies to monitor the location and movement of workers and machinery on sites to help prevent accidents from occuring. It can also be used to alert workers when they are in a hazardous area or too close to moving vehicles or machinery.
London buses


Public transport providers can use RTLS software to help track vehicles and drivers in real-time for both safety reasons and to help provide a reliable service to customers.

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