RFID Labels & Tags

Subtitle: Paragon ID brings together 60 years of experience in label converting and high-tech in-house RFID inlay manufacturing.
RFID Labels


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Efficient asset tracking and inventory management
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Save time and money through automation
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Better control of manufacturing processes
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Improved health and safety

RFID applications are limited only by people’s imagination. The most common applications are contactless payment, access control and asset tracking.

IoT applications are becoming increasingly common with retail, apparel, aerospace, defence, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods and pharmaceutical companies looking to use RFID to track goods within their supply chains. 

RFID labels and tags

Paragon ID has mastered the complete manufacturing chain of RFID labels and tags - inlay manufacturing, complexing, printing and encoding of tags.

Paragon ID can supply UHF / HF and NFC labels and tags. 


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Inlay manufacturing expertise
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Paragon ID offers inlays products that are manufactured in Europe adhering to the highest quality standards. Paragon ID is one of the very few inlay production companies that received the prestigious ARC quality certification from Auburn University (Alabama), which underlines the production standards used for all our products. 

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Personalised and flexible printing
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Digital printing, flexography, screen printing, Paragon ID has mastered all printing processes.  From the selection of ink to the choice of printing process, it all depends on the artwork and the final application. We can offer a product which has been adapted to meet your requirements.

Depending on the application of your RFID label – access card, traceability label, loyalty card, anti-counterfeiting tag – it can be fully customised to meet your corporate guidelines including your logo, fonts etc.

Each product can also be personalised one-by-one with variable data such as barcode, numbering, the end users' name and other personal data.

Unique labelling and RFID expertise

With 60 years experience in label conversion and over 15 years' experience in RFID technology, Paragon ID combines all aspects of conventional labels with the exciting world of IoT. The integration of an RFID inlay into normal labels is really the best of both worlds; a strong visual message and a connection to the digital world.

RFID labels are the combination of a conventional label and an RFID inlay. It sounds simple, but due to the enormous number of different materials and printing techniques used for conventional labels, combining the two elements requires unique expertise.

Applying the chip to the antenna is a critical step in the manufacturing of inlays: each inlay is controlled one-by-one on the production line. An additional, random control, is then performed in our quality lab.

These RFID inlays are then incorporated in to the labels, tags or cards on our own production lines. The historical expertise of Paragon Identification allows us to offer you the best RFID solution: a range of materials for the label or a range of adhesives, depending on the support and application.

Besides being able to produce almost any conventional label with an integrated RFID inlay, Paragon ID can also print the label with variable data and encore the RFID chip.

Data security and encoding

Encoding of the microchip

The label or the RFID tag contain a microchip which can carry data. Each RFID chip has its own unique ID which is encrypted in the chip’s memory.  It cannot be forged or modified, however, it can be read with a specific reader.

Some microchips contain a second memory zone. The data encoded in that area depends on the use of the RFID microchip. Through a contactless reader/encoder, that data can be read, modified, erased and possibly even replaced. Such RFID microchips are rewritable and can be used several times.

HF / UHF / NFC encoding

Paragon’s IT team has the necessary skills to define the type of encoding and the security levels required for your specific project:

  • Encoding UHF (GTIN 96, GS1 standard, specific encoding…)
  • Encoding NFC for use with smartphones & dedicated readers
  • Encoding with secured encryption (SAM cards, HSM) based on ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 (Mifare, Calypso, …)

Highly secure data transfer

Whatever the RFID encoding option used, the data transfer between our servers and your own systems are highly secured and conform to ISO 27001 and GDPR standards.

Consulting and RFID project management

Specialists in RFID solutions for more than 10 years, we have developed and implemented many projects for our customers across the World. 

Working in partnership with market leading partners, we can help you at every step of your RFID project:

  • Proof of concept (POC)
  • Manufacturing of RFID products
  • Software integration

As part of our partnership approach, we continue to share with our clients and prospects information on the latest technologies and market innovations to ensure that your solution remains the best suited for your organisation and your end-users.



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