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Paragon ID's organic growth strategy is based on investment in R&D, equipment and innovation, and is supplemented by acquisitions.


Over the last 5 years, Paragon ID has acquired companies that complement its industrial and technological expertise while encouraging increased geographical coverage within current markets

to promote organic growth.

The businesses that have joined Paragon ID all have expertise in the company's key activities. 


Transport & Smart Cities

Our brands - Transport & Smart Cities

Enabling convenient and secure access to public transportation networks through sustainable ticketing solutions

Our brands are leaders in ticketing and smart mobility solutions. We aspire to help transport authorities and cities across the world with their mobility strategy.

EDM Technology, the leader in magnetic ticketing in the United States, has strengthened Paragon ID's market share in North America.  

airweb, which joined the group several years ago, and UrbanThing in 2022, provide digital solutions such as mobile ticketing, passenger apps and MaaS solutions, thus completing Paragon ID's traditional ticketing offer. Together, they have created one of the most versatile ticketing platforms on the market, Open ABT.

Track & Trace

Our brands - Track & Trace

Leaders in their respective markets. 

RFiD Discovery - Asset tracking and geolocation (RTLS)

Following the acquisitions of RFiD Discovery in the UK, Apitrak in France, Traktio in Spain and more recently Uwinloc in France, the company has created the most comprehensive multi-technology tracking and geolocation platform in the world. It can be adapted to all sectors, from industry and logistics to healthcare. 

Security Label - Baggage tags

Based in Germany, Security Label is the leader in baggage tags in EMEA and continues to grow and gain market share.


Our brands - Payment

Innovative solutions for the fintech sector

Thames Technology is one of Europe's largest and most trusted card issuing partners. 

AmaTech is the company behind the development of the contactless metal bank card.


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