The advent of new technology, and new shopping habits, means companies have to cater to more demanding customers

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RFID and NFC tags can help you create positive customer experiences and maintain brand loyalty


The rise of e-commerce, ‘click and collect’, and new shopping habits are creating a more demanding consumer. The increasing need for a better customer service experience, coupled with the threat of counterfeiting, means the retail industry faces a number of new challenges.

RFID and NFC labelling solutions help retailers improve operations and meet customer expectations.

Operational efficiency

Keeping track of the locations of products in the warehouse and in-store is vital for retailers to ensure products are available when and where they are needed. Automatic inventory tracking with RFID increases operational efficiency by eliminating the need for manual stock counting, and reducing the time spent by shop assistants and warehouse workers looking for items. 

Meeting your customers' expectations

From product traceability and inventory, to customer loyalty and the evolving role of shop assistants, retailers have to rethink their whole organisation and ways of working to fit with today’s customer expectations. Tailored RFID solutions offer a cost effective way to overcome these challenges.



Stock management

RFID technology can streamline stock management in warehouses and in-store, providing data accuracy, automating manual processes and improving efficiencies in a broad range of areas.


In-store labelling and sales

On-demand label printing facilities in store, ensure your brand is controlled by central marketing, and you adhere to law and regulations during sales periods. RFID technology can help you maximise staff efficiency to free up time to enhance the customer experience.


Customer Loyalty

Creating bespoke customer loyalty programmes supported by RFID and NFC technology and featuring membership cards, gift cards, vouchers, invitations and welcome packs means your customers can enjoy a VIP experience that they won’t forget, and will tell others about.


Key Benefits


Quick and accurate inventories

Automating stock monitoring with RFID provides accurate real-time inventory data in warehouses and in-store, whilst eliminating the need for time consuming manual scanning. This is vital for retailers who operate both online and offline to ensure information about in-store availability provided to customers online is accurate. 

Improved stock management

Ensuring that retail items are in the right place at the right time reduces wastage in particular for perishable and seasonal goods. 

Anti-theft measures

RFID systems can easily be linked to security systems such as CCTV or door alarms to alert staff when items are removed without being paid for. 

Enhanced customer experience and engagement

NFC technology is successfully used by retailers to provide new ways for customers to engage with products in-store and after purchase.

In-store use of RFID can support smart interactive changing rooms, which suggest product combinations and check size availability in-store. RFID technology can also verify whether the right goods are despatched to the right customer, to reduce shipping errors and improve customer satisfaction.




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