The advent of new technology, and new shopping habits, means companies have to cater to more demanding customers

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The rise of e-commerce, ‘click and collect’, and new shopping habits are creating a new, more demanding consumer

Paragon ID can help you ensure your customers' experiences are always positive - and maintain brand loyalty...


Paragon ID knows that the rise of e-commerce, ‘click and collect’, and new shopping habits are creating a more demanding consumer. The increasing need for a better customer-service experience, coupled with the threat of counterfeiting, means the retail industry has to completely reinvent itself.

Changing Customer Habits

Modern consumers are highly connected, and will voice their opinions on a wide range of social media platforms, following positive retail experiences. But they will also communicate their dissatisfaction regarding the ones where they feel their needs were not met - and this can be damaging for companies.

Paragon ID know this, and know that retailers can’t afford the slightest mistake. It’s inconceivable, in this day and age, for customers to order online and then arrive at the shop to find the item is not there waiting for them, due to the retailer’s error.

Meeting Your Customers' Expectations

From product traceability and inventory, to customer loyalty and the evolving role of shop assistants, retailers have to rethink their whole organisation and ways of working to fit with today’s customer expectations. With over 10 years of RFID expertise, Paragon ID can provide tailored solutions to help you overcome these challenges.

RFID NFC and retail

One of the key elements that Paragon ID uses to retain customers, and create positive consumer journeys, is RFID and NFC. Employing this technology enables you to optimise your supply chain, while also enhancing your customers’ retail experience.


RFID – key benefits

·        Quick and accurate inventories in warehouses and in-store

·        Simplified packing in-store

·        Fast checkout and self-checkout

·        Traceability across the supply chain

·        A tool against counterfeiting

·        Smart changing rooms

·        Anti-theft device

·        Enhanced customer experience and engagement

·        Loyalty

·        In-store analytics

Paragon ID’s expertise in this sector ensure we provide our customers with the best solutions for THEIR customers. Our RFID know-how and specialisation in source tagging mean you, and your customers, are in safe hands throughout the retail journey.


Our logistics knowledge means that we provide you with stock-management solutions, in warehouses and in stores. We can improve both data accuracy and ensure improvements in a broad range of efficiencies.

In-store labelling and sales

Paragon ID can provide on-demand label printing in store, ensuring your brand is controlled by central marketing, and also respect the law and regulations during sales periods. Our solutions also optimise people and costs, and enhance the customer experience.


Customer loyalty

We can create bespoke customer loyalty programmes featuring membership cards, gift cards, vouchers, invitations and welcome packs. Paragon ID’s abilities means your customers will enjoy a VIP experience that they won’t forget, and will tell others about.

Brand protection and engagement

We can provide NFC solutions that give you full traceability, and product authentication, reassuring your customers and creating brand loyalty through satisfaction. With these safeguards in place you gain peace of mind as Paragon ID protects your brand’s identity, as well as fighting fraud.

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