Paragon ID's technologies are supporting the transformation of the automotive industry. 

Paragon ID has been supplying labelling solutions - logistics, security, parts labels - to car and parts manufacturers for many years.  

RFID in the Automotive sector


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Unique Car Identification
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Production automation and stock management
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Fight against counterfeiting
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Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) tracking

RFID technology is being used widely in the automotive industry to increase performance and efficiency. 

It is also used as a way to enhance health and safety protocols and bolster security.

Paragon ID has extensive experience working with the automotive sector. 

Years of expertise

Paragon ID has years of experience in providing the automotive sector with traditional, security and RFID labels for: 

  • Engine parts
  • Vehicle interior and exterior
  • Tyres
  • Aftermarket
  • anti-counterfeiting 

RFID brings many solutions to the automotive industry

RFID technology brings solutions to the many challenges faced by the automotive industry:

  • Unique Car identification
  • Counterfeiting and fraud
  • Automation and monitoring throughout the manufacturing process
  • Supports LEAN management and improves operational efficiency
  • Eliminates the difficult and tiring task associated with the manual scanning of barcodes
  • Manages the flow of parts’ containers
  • Manages the maintenance of machines, tools and robots in compliance with ISO standards and other standards specific to the automotive industry

RFID is also a powerful tool for stock and inventory management which can be carried out in real-time. It can also track parts and other components throughout the production process.

Paragon ID’s cutting-edge technology ensures the traceability of parts throughout the supply chain and therefore provides secure authentication, allowing manufacturers to protect their products against counterfeiting.


The numerous benefits of RFID include: 

  • Reliability of stock information
  • Reliability of maintenance information in a manufacturing environment
  • Better management of supplies
  • Reduction of part shortage
  • Time saving
  • Process optimisation

RFID and Galia

For several years, Galia has made RFID a priority. Their objective for the technology to be used on all the elements across the supply chain (automotive parts, packaging, pallets, packaging, bins, etc.) to give stakeholders in the automotive sector a better visibility. 

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