Paragon ID's Technologies

Paragon ID is a tech company.

Our solutions, which are based on the latest contactless technologies enable our customers to improve their operational efficiency, increase customer engagement and reduce their carbon footprint.

Our products, solutions, RFID applications and SaaS platforms aim to securely connect and locate people, products and things.

Find out more below about the technologies we use to answer the changing needs of our clients. 

RFID Technology

RFID Technology

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a technology used to identify objects or people. It is based on the use of radio electric waves to read the data contained within an RFID label or tag.
Forklifts and people in warehouse

RTLS Platform

RTLS (real-time tracking systems) technology can be used to track the locations of assets, inventory or people in real time.
Ticketing technology

Ticketing technology

Paragon ID ticketing technologies cover the whole spectrum of secure physical and digital expertise.