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The world's first dual-interface Metal cards

Paragon ID entered the payment sector in 2018 following the acquisition of Amatech Group, a pioneer in RFID technologies in the banking sector.  In October 2018, AmaTech offocially launched a break-through technology that enables the production of metal embedded smartcards, with the ability to activate contactless payment on both sides. 

The technology, which is protected by several patents, simplifies the production of metal embedded smartcards also enhances the user experience by creating a convenient and efficient contactless payment. 

Since then, Paragon ID has secured significant new contracts in the banking industry. Clients in the fintech sector can benefit from Paragon ID and AmaTech's solutions and expertise by

  • purchasing the inlays and DI chip modules for contactless and dual interface plastic or metal payment cards
  • purchasing the license of the patented technology
  • consult our experts


Manufacturing expertise

Our subsidiary Thames Technology, based in the UK, is one of Europe's largest and most trusted card issuing partners. The company designs, manufacture, personalise and distribtute over 250 millions payment and retail cards per year. 

PCI certified to manufacture Mastercard and Visa secure EMV® products, Thames Technology's products include:

  • payment cards
  • loyalty cards
  • commercial cards
  • gift cards


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Combining contact and contactless technology for increased security

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Introducing the World’s First Dual-Interface Metal Cards