By Stephanie
04 Jan 2018

Top 7 Reasons why retailers are choosing RFID

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More and more retailers are turning to RFID, here's why...


1. Connectivity

RFID can connect retailers to their inventory system with real-time visibility, simplifying the process of keeping accurate records of the inventory of any given item – in the stock room and on the sales floor. This eliminates missed sales opportunities as you need never be out of stock again, and allows for a better stock-replenishment system; meaning better profits at the end of the day.





2. Camouflage




Unlike other, more obvious solutions, RFID  tags blend in to their surroundings. This aspect is especially important in high-end retail where appearance is everything and the emphasis is on customer experience. RFID tags are quickly and easily scanned by sales staff – no repeated swipes as can occur with barcodes – making the customer’s transaction as fluid as possible.




3. Ease

RFID can be quickly and easily integrated into current retail processes, with little to no need for extra training, or anything else that can impact your bottom line. Even a baby can use it! If you don't believe us, check out this video from the RFID Lab "baby vs barcode". You will not need convincing anymore...


4. Time




Customer service can now become the focus of your sales personnel as RFID inventory systems will save them time by eliminating the more mundane aspects of their jobs. This also goes for the customer, as their experience is also speeded up – instore or online – helping to boost customer retention.




5. Waste

Excess inventory can be the bane of a retailer’s life: while providing them with a buffer against inaccurate stock counts this surplus is a form of waste as it will generally be marked down or even disposed of at a total loss. RFID technology eliminates this costly wastage by providing incredibly accurate stock counts, effectively reducing store inventory.





Stocktaking can be one of the most boring tasks your sales-staff have to undertake. When coupled with potential threats to their livelihoods if they make errors either way, is it any surprise that most employees are happy with the speed and accuracy that RFID brings with it? Using a simple hand-held scanner an employee can now quickly and accurately check stock, a vast improvement on the old method of manually checking.




7. Behaviour

RFID provides retailers with data, analysis and actionable information to such a degree that they are able to monitor the behaviour of individual  items, monitoring their performance from day to day, or even  hour to hour if they so wish. They can even monitor minutiae such as how products sold at the front of the store behave in relation to items sold at the rear, if the red sold more than the blue or what items clients tend to buy together.