By Stephanie
05 Aug 2020
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public transport

Public transport: The future is happening now!

The covid-19 pandemic has imposed new measures, new rules and a whole new organization in our personal and professional lives. Trends that had been identified for the next 2 to 5 years have suddenly accelerated and become an unexpected reality for which we haven’t been fully prepared.

With the majority of the world’s population staying at home, public transport has been one of the most impacted sectors. Due to the lockdown measures that have been put in place around the globe, transport operators have seen a drastic reduction in the numbers of passengers, and, in order to protect their drivers and their customers, they have also had to rethink the sales of tickets on board.

The rise of contactless

Since the beginning of the pandemic, contactless technology has seen its adoption rate accelerating very rapidly. More and more people are now choosing contactless payment when shopping to avoid paying with cash or having to enter a pin code on a terminal. 

This trend is also extending to sectors outside of retail and in particular in public transport where users are expecting to purchase and validate their tickets without having to use a vending machine and exchanging cash with drivers. They, however, want a simple solution and be able to use what they already have in their pocket, typically their phone or contactless credit card.

Paragon ID’s contactless on board sales solution

Paragon ID with their sister company airweb and partners Wizway are experienced in implementing mobile ticketing solutions based on diverse technologies including QR codes, NFC, HCE... We have also worked in partnership with Ingenico to develop an open payment solution. 

Our 2 solutions – Open M-Ticketing and Open Tap and Pay – bring the answer to a fast and easy implementation of contactless on board sales within your network.

  • Open M-Ticketing: Our mobile app and dynamic QR code system provides a highly adaptable digital ticketing solution with fast implementation.
  • Open Tap and Pay: Developed in partnership with Ingenico, our new validator is compatible with traditional ticketing solutions (contactless tickets, smartcards) and contactless payment via credit card or smartphone (applepay, googlepay…) offering flexibility and a great experience to customers who can choose their means of payment.

    For a quick answer to the covid crisis and the challenges around de-confinement measures, we also offer a transition solution with autonomous terminals allowing a rapid deployment of payment by contactless credit card.

More than 30 cities are already equipped with our contactless on-board sales solutions, bringing an improved customer experience and safety to their staff and users.