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Paragon ID teams up with Apitrak to provide “multi-technology” location tracking IoT platform

Paragon ID has partnered with geolocation specialist Apitrak to develop a “multi-technology” cloud-hosted IoT platform for the tracking of assets, inventory and people.


The new platform is based on the existing skills of the two partners to deploy geolocation and asset tracking solutions for their customers with a wide range of data acquisition technologies including RFID (active & passive), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Wi-Fi and GPS.


Both partners aim at building a “full” SaaS, modular and multi-technology platform designed to:

  • Offer the best choice of geolocation solution in terms of precision & cost ratio.
  • Provide access to multiple application solutions* in the form of separate modules under one platform.
  • Allow a very fast implementation with low initial investment costs.

Set to launch later this year, the new multi-sensor platform builds on the success of Paragon ID and Apitrak with their respective asset tracking solutions

  • Paragon ID, through its subsidiary, RFiD Discovery, is the market leader for equipment tracking solutions in the UK, in particular in the healthcare sector, where the company now equips more than thirty hospitals in Great Britain with its solutions for asset tracking, inventory and monitoring of critical equipment solutions. In constant evolution, the RFiD Discovery software platform, connected with RFID and Wifi acquisition technologies, now integrates new services - process monitoring, automatic temperature control, staff (patient) safety - and is establishing itself in the industrial world with several contracts secured for the supply of returnable transport items tracking solutions.

  • Apitrak has developed an IoT Platform, a cloud-based software that enables multi-sensor geolocation, full-web user interface and rapid scaling with low maintenance costs. Created in 2016, Apitrak has been highly successful in providing Wi-Fi, BLE and GPS based medical device tracking and emergency call systems to hospitals and industrial customers in France.

Representing a step change in IoT platforms, the new system will be ideal for manufacturing and logistics businesses as well as healthcare and other service providers looking for easy-to-implement solutions to track assets, people or inventory in order to improve efficiency, cut costs and improve safety.


Clem Garvey, Paragon ID CEO, comments:

“Since the acquisition of the assets and IP rights of RFiD Discovery back in November 2018, this activity has gone from strength to strength with new contracts secured in the healthcare and manufacturing sectors and a yearly growth of +75%. The expertise of Apitrak combined with that of Paragon ID in this field will allow us to strengthen our offer in the healthcare sector and to have a reinforced technological platform intended for our customers from other sectors (industry , automotive, aeronautics) and other regions (continental Europe, North America).


Vincent Lê, founder and CEO at Apitrak, says:

”We are delighted to be working with Paragon ID. Over the past few years, our company has become a key player in France, with strong software assets, renowned know-how and loyal customers. This partnership is a fantastic opportunity to bring more value to customers – combining the strengths of both companies. I am confident of the success of this partnership based on a common purpose – helping organisations to strengthen their operations through the use of innovative technology.”


About Apitrak

Based on proprietary software, and integrating cutting-edge geolocation technologies, Apitrak builds enterprise solutions to bring business value to its clients with simplicity as a core value. Hospitals and companies use the web based Apitrak Platform to track assets, secure assets, manage inventory, secure staff and monitor temperature.

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