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Paragon ID revolutionises RTI tracking in French harbours with RFID Discovery platform.

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Paragon ID revolutionises the management of fish boxes in French harbours with RFID Discovery platform.

Paragon ID is pleased to announce the successful implementation of its RTIs (returnable transport items) tracking solution in harbours in Brittany (France). 

Cornouaille (Britanny, France) is the largest fresh fishing region in France with nearly 47,000 tons of fish caught and sold in 2020, representing one fifth of the national fishing industry. Six of the seven harbours in the area have fish markets which are managed by the Metropolitan Brittany Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIMBO). This organisation is, among other things, responsible for the provision, sorting, washing, storage and transport of fish boxes.

 During 2020, the CCIMBO launched a consultation to find an RFID-based solution to optimise and control the flow of boxes. The key objectives of the project were:  • To reduce the loss of boxes and therefore the costs of replacing them (representing a third of the stock of boxes every year)• To ensure the supply of boxes for fishermen and buyers.  In late 2020, the CCIMBO awarded the contract to Paragon ID with its RFiD Discovery asset tracking and RTLS solution. The solution was subsequently developed and deployed by the Paragon ID and Apitrak* teams in collaboration with the CCIMBO between January and October 2021. The project was facilitated and supervised by a project management assistance group composed of the following companies: DARING, DYVEM and GS1. The complete solution includes the supply of RFID readers (fixed and mobile) plus the software including mobile & web applications and back end). This allows the CCIMBO to track and monitor the flow of reusable boxes and to provide traceability of the fish across the supply chain. The solution is now fully operational in the six auctions in Cornouaille - Le Guilvinec, Concarneau, Audierne, Loctudy, Douarnenez, St Guénolé - and the first measurable results show that the two main objectives of this project have already been achieved. The CCIMBO and Paragon ID teams continue to work together to develop the solution, adding new functionality to increase the services offered to the different organisations within the local fishing industry.  


Aurélien Dif, Track & Trace Sales Director, Paragon ID, comments: 

"We are very proud to have won this contract and succeeded in deploying an effective solution for our customer CCIMBO and Cornouaille’s auction teams. This successful implementation shows the extent of our industrial and technological expertise and our ability to provide complete traceability solutions that bring real added value to our customers."


Christophe HAMEL, Director of the Cornouaille auctions adds: 

"Paragon ID's expertise in RFID technology and, above all, its agility in adapting its solutions to achieve optimal readings in a hostile environment containing a lot of seawater and metal have made it possible to carry out this project. This solution offers an undeniable technological, logistical and environmental breakthrough in the process of managing reusable boxes in the fresh fish industry.

The results, after four months of use, are very satisfactory: The boxes are returned, and the usage cycles are shortened. The middleware solution developed allows data to be processed and made available in real time, as expected by professionals.

The standardised solution deployed by Paragon ID in our 6 auctions opens the door to potential management on a wider perimeter, particularly on a regional basis.”


About RFiD Discovery

RFiD Discovery is the leading brand for tracking and geolocation solutions from Paragon ID. 

RFiD Discovery is becoming one of the most used Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) in France and in the UK, having been implemented in many industrial and logistics sites as well as over 100 hospitals.

The RFiD Discovery platform brings together the technological expertise of Paragon ID and Apitrak*  using technologies including passive and active RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Wi-Fi and GPS  to deploy Software as a Service solutions that enable the transformation of customer business processes.

*Apitrak is a French company based in Grenoble, specialising in RTLS, in which Paragon ID acquired a majority stake at the end of 2020.

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