Paragon ID presents its latest innovation for the Payment industry:

the world's first metal inlays with the companion dual-interface chip module

revolutionary metal bank cards

A break-through technology that enables the production of metal embedded smartcards, with the ability to activate contactless payment on both sides

Paragon ID is taking part in Money 20/20, one of the main events in the banking industry that will be held from the 21st to the 24th of October 2018 in Las Vegas (USA).
Paragon ID, through its subsidiary AmaTech Group, has pioneered the development of contactless technology in EMV® metal smartcards (Europay Mastercard Visa, international security standard for payment cards). Paragon ID provides contactless metal card solutions through a manufacturing process that combines laser cutting, intricate CNC machinning and the nanomaterial science of specialist coatings to produce metal cards with a prestigious look and feel. The surface of the metal card is enhanced by laser engraving to create sophisticated 3D designs.
At Money 20/20, Paragon ID is presenting the world’s first inlays with a dual interface chip module, a product that simplifies the production of metal embedded smartcards. This solution enhances the user experience by creating a convenient and efficient contactless payment that can be activated on either side of the metal card and meets the high security requirements of RFID-enabled smartcards in the Payment sector.
To answer the growing popularity of metal payment cards, Paragon ID presents a selection of black and stainless-steel cards available in different configurations and weights. These different options allow issuers of payment cards (banks, financial service providers, etc.) to offer "packaged" luxury metal cards bundledwith a range of privileges and benefits personalised to their customers and their lifestyles. Our solution allows secure card manufacturers to concentrate on the personalization and fulfilment services.
AmaTech's intellectual property portfolio for dual-interface metal cards and metal inlays is covered by a large number of PCT patents and applications worldwide.
Paragon ID is showcasing their range of products at booth 1083.
Konstantinos Lagios, CCO of Paragon ID stated:
“With the acquisition of the AmaTech Group, Paragon ID has entered into the Payment sector where AmaTech has a strong intellectual property position in RFID enabled metal payment objects, including dual interface metal cards and wearable devices. We are thrilled to present a world’s first in this market just a few months after the acquisition. We strongly believe we will add significant value in the Payment industry, in the same manner we have been doing for decades in the sectors of e-ID, Transport, Traceability and Brand Protection.”
David Finn, CEO of AmaTech Group, commented:
 "AmaTech is a visionary, pragmatic, innovative, technology company, and in combination with the manufacturing expertise of Paragon ID, a new product platform is created to strengthen Paragon’s market position and to accelerate growth, producing precision-engineered stainless steel smartcards with contactless functionality, RFID metal inlays and chip modules that are applied in manufacturing of metal embedded credit cards, and prestigious metal cards that target the affluent and high net-worth segment in the Payment space.”