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21 Sep 2023
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New paper based Calypso transport cards

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The new paper based Calypso cards have been developed by transport experts specifically for the public transport market.

From the first Paris metro ticket in 1900, to the launch of the magnetic ticket and then the contactless card, Paragon ID has innovated and developed over the years to become the undisputed leading supplier of access control media to public transport networks and authorities in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

To meet the needs of local authorities for a more ecological and economical alternative to magnetic tickets and PVC cards, Paragon ID has developed a new range of European products based on the Calypso standard, in partnership with Infineon. 

The new Calypso Light contactless paper cards are rechargeable and reusable. Compatible with existing ticketing systems, they offer the same security as Calypso PVC cards, while being more economical and environmentally friendly. They can also be integrated into ABT systems and recharged using a smartphone. 

All networks that already have Calypso ticketing systems can replace disposable tickets (magnetic and contactless) with reusable and rechargeable Calypso Light paper cards without any change to their system.

Paragon ID's expertise at the heart of these new Calypso cards

Thanks to its industrial expertise and know-how in encoding ticketing products, Paragon ID has been able to :

  • Develop its own new-generation Operating System OS (TanGO+) to meet the requirements of paper cards with microprocessor chips. 
  • Adapt its production lines, based in Europe, to meet new security and encoding requirements
  • Continue to offer tickets in different formats, such as single, fanfold or roll, while meeting the encoding and dispensing specifications of the market's vending machines. 
  • Use different materials to meet the demands of the various transport organising authorities: paper, recycled plastic, etc.
  • Continue its operational printing processes to enhance visual impact

Already adopted in Ile-de-France

Following its decision to stop using magnetic tickets and to reduce the consumption of PVC card for a more sustainable and ecological solution, Ile-de-France Mobilités has chosen Paragon ID as one of the suppliers of these new rechargeable paper cards, which will soon be available throughout the Ile-de-France region, particularly for the Paris Olympic Games.   

Find out more about Calypso Light  

To find out more about the Calypso Light and Calypso Basic paper cards, also supplied by Paragon ID, visit the Calypso website for detailed specifications





Nous sommes très fiers de pouvoir offrir cette nouvelle carte sans contact, en papier et 100% européenne à nos clients. Une alternative plus durable, économique et environnementale aux tickets magnétiques et sans contact traditionnels.

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