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The future of secured e-ID : Seamless International Travel

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A new Acuity Market Intelligence report highlights the vast potential of the airport biometrics market.

Acuity predicts that between 2019 and 2022, the total number of biometric security check-in at airports will grow at an annual rate of 27%.

According to the report, these biometric security check-in rely more and more on AI and facial recognition. There are current equipments in planned deployment and others in trial-phase at airports such as Narita Airport in Japan, Malaysia's Senai Airport and Hong Kong Airport.

"As AI-enhanced biometrics become more widespread at airports, it will change passenger expectations and drive demand for similar solutions across the travel industry - from cruise ships to car rentals, train and ferry stations, everything will be done for the comfort of consumers and their preference for the convenience of the experience"said Maxine Most, Director of Acuity Market Intelligence.

More than 80 countries currently have 5,500 automated counter machines, Automated Passport Control (APC), Automatic Immigration Control (AIC), Automatic Baggage Drop (ABD) and automated boarding system (AIB) also called "eGates" deployed on more than 300 sites. Dozens of additional airports are expected to deploy this type of unit, a number that will triple by 2020.

World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) President and CEO Gloria Guevara recently announced that governments and industry stakeholders are motivated to harmonize biometric identity to ease the coming capacity crunch in international travel

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