By Stephanie Girard
04 Oct 2023
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Discover the power of statistics behind Paragon ID's Open ABT platform

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An invaluable decision-making tool for optimising your public transport services.

Opting for an account-based-ticketing system like Paragon ID's Open ABT platform not only simplifies the purchase and validation of tickets, it also provides access to a vast amount of data that can be exploited to optimise operations and implement a strategy centred around passenger habits and expectations.

The opportunity of data in public transport

Data is everywhere and its volume is growing every day. In the public transport sector, data has become essential to help operators and AOMs in their decision-making and to improve their transport offer.

However, the use of data remains complex. It must be reliable, easy to export, process and analyse. Transport operators often lack the time, tools and sometimes specific skills to take advantage of the benefits that such a mass of information can generate.

Paragon ID is aware of this challenge, and as part of its Open ABT offering it has developed a statistics module with native management of ticketing data, which is accessible via the PowerBI* platform.

Easy-to-access data - sorted and tailored according to user profile

On its Open ABT platform, Paragon ID makes available the data generated by its systems and those interconnected with it: validations, sales, receipts, checks.

This data is easily accessible by customers via intuitive dashboards that can be accessed from a computer or telephone and updated daily (or via export / API).

Here is an example of the data available to our customers:

  • Operations manager: validation by map, validation by ticket family, validation by line, by stop, by type of day, by journey, etc. Comparison of CB sales vs. tickets, etc.
  • Maintenance manager: validation by line, by stop, by bus, ensuring that validation is carried out on all buses, etc.
  • Marketing and finance managers: sales and breakdown by sales channel, monthly and seasonal trends, sales by agent, by type of ticket, by payment method, etc.
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Business intelligence

Thanks to this data, our customers have the information they need to analyse customer habits, sales fluctuations over time, seasonality and trends, and so adapt network operations to passenger needs to provide a better experience.

It is also a valuable tool for sales and marketing teams to plan and target user segmentation and retention campaigns, and identify behavioural trends. They can also measure the impact of communication and promotional actions and so adapt the strategy to users. 

This module is available :

  • for all customers using the Open ABT platform
  • for all customers using airweb's m-Ticket and e-Boutique solutions.

It can also be connected to any other ticketing system already in place.


*Microsoft Power BI is a data analysis solution from Microsoft. It enables the creation of customised, interactive data visualisations with an interface simple enough for end users to create their own reports and dashboards.







Les statistiques affectées par date, par ligne (...) offrent une vision précise de l'état de fréquentation du réseau. Elles sont de véritables aides à la décision lors d'études ou d'échanges avec notre collectivité.

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