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01 Nov 2019
public transport

The benefits of using a smart card when travelling by train or bus

Why should you upgrade to a smartcard and what are the benefits?

Smart cards can now be used for most train and bus travel throughout the UK, offering an easier and quicker way of buying, renewing and using tickets at the convenience of the passenger. Once ordered online, you will receive your card swiftly through the post and from then on you can buy tickets online or at self-service machines in the station which are activated once the card touches a reader in the station. Alternatively, some stations and bus depots offer a collection point with a printer or kiosk for your card so you can apply and/or collect same day.




1. No need to collect your ticket




Smart cards are free to order online. Once your card arrives, you can buy a train ticket at any time of the day, days in advance which will be activated to your card once you place it on the reader in the chosen station. This provides you with ease of use and increased convenience. 




2. Save time when travelling 

Smartcards make the route from purchasing a ticket to getting on the train and travelling more efficient. Once a ticket is bought from your account, you don't have to wait in long queues at the station to collect it. You can head straight to the correct platform and tap your card onto the barrier reader linking the ticket to your Smartcard, speeding your travel time within the station up. As you are not restricted to collecting your ticket from the station, you can buy it online at your convenience and board a lot quicker.


3. Durable / Efficient 





Smartcards are not only free, but are more robust than the standard orange rail ticket or bus ticket as they are made of plastic. This means they lasts longer and you will not need to replace it as frequently or at all. It also ensures that the low cost of a paper ticket combined with the efficiency of contactless smart card technology provides an easy, cost-effective and efficient solution for bus and train users.






4. Protection against loss and theft

Ever lost your train ticket and had to buy another? Smartcards are protected. Once you have bought your ticket and it has been linked to your account, it remains there until it has been used. If your smartcard was stolen or lost, your tickets would still be linked to your account and you would be able to block your account and replace your card.


5. Automatic reimbursements for delays 

Smartcards have an Automatic Delay Repay feature whereby when you tap in and out of a station with your card whenever you travel you can receive Automatic Delay Repay into your account directly if your train has been delayed, thus elimating the time you spend chasing reimbursement. The technology within the card can identify when you passed the platform readers and therefore respond to delays in your journey.