Subtitle: Open ABT is one of the most complete and adaptable account-based-ticketing platforms on the market. The only true digital hub which connects mobile and web ticketing with open payment and legacy physical ticketing.
Account-based-ticketing platform


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Real-time management of all ticketing operations
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State of the art mobile ticketing and open payment
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Best user experience
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Central ABT back office to manage CRM and revenue

Offering the best digital and open payment experience for transit users and networks while optimising management of existing legacy physical ticketing is the promise of our Open ABT platform. 

With Open ABT, we offer innovative, multimodal and modular solutions to transport agencies around the world to support their mobility strategies. 

Open ABT platform

Open ABT platform is born from the combined expertise of Paragon ID and its subsidiary airweb.

It has all the benefits of a true digital SaaS platform combined with our long-standing expertise in secure transit ticketing solutions.

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A complete ticketing and CRM solution
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Our Open ABT platform has all the attractive features expected from a SaaS platform - mobile ticketing, open payment and MaaS integration. It also provides the efficiency of managing physical ticketing through a state-of-the-art connected platform.   

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User friendly back office
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We provide a dedicated user-friendly and real-time platform for your teams to efficiently manage the sale of tickets and manage supporting documents. The platform consolidates all activities to support the efficient management of both a CRM and revenue with a business intelligence module that provides powerful customer insights and statistics. 

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Revenue allocation module for regional and multiple operator networks
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Our solution can keep track of customer bookings and transfers and provide a monthly revenue allocation calculation for each operator within a global network.

A modular platform to fit any requirements

The Open ABT platform is built as a modular SaaS platform which includes 5 modules:    

  • Mobile ticketing app
  • e-Shop
  • Passenger information
  • Tap & Pay
  • Smart ticketing
  • Real-time passenger information

All modules are connected to the central account-based-ticketing platform and/or can be interfaced with other MaaS applications (trip planning, alternative mobilities etc.)

Our Philosophy

We are committed to offering the best in terms of user experience, sustainability and client-oriented benefits:

  • Our processes are dominantly online and in real-time including all hardware, which is supervised remotely
  • We provide free monthly upgrades of all key standards and firmwares - ie EMV, Android, Apple, Calypso, ISO etc.
  • As a SaaS provider, we provide new upgraded software versions every quarter including ticketing innovations
  • Full modularity: Each module is published as a stand-alone solution with a connected back office

A strong & permanent focus on security

  • Development teams working on QR codes, contactless algorithms and operating systems
  • Partnerships with the best EMV processors - ie: Ingenico, Worldline, LittlePay etc.
  • Quality assurance teams ensuring that we comply with the latest quality and privacy standards

Our teams based in Europe, USA, UK and Australia will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. 


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