Timed Use Ticketing

Timed use ticketing increases customer satisfaction with lower wait times and faster access

customers queueing at venue entrance - timed use ticketing speeds up access

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Paragon ID can help you to get your customers in to their venues, as quickly as possible, keeping them loyal to you, and your product


As the leading supplier of tickets in the parking sector, Paragon ID has developed a range of innovative products to meet your timed ticketing needs. This includes Z Cards - for the printing of maps, vouchers and applications -that can then be programmed for the time period you require.

Working on the same principles as other RFID based applications, timed use ticketing allows smart enabled cards to be used across transportation networks, to provide access to stadiums, for park and ride facilities or for access to planned events.

Ease of use

Your customer can simply purchase their ticket prior to arrival at their concert/theme park visit/theatre trip etc. This can then be presented on arrival at their chosen venue. They can choose this method or, alternatively, simply show their mobile device – with the ticket visible - to a member of staff upon entry.

Timed ticketing means your customers can avoid standing in lines during the busiest times of the day, and thereby enjoy more of their chosen activity.

Fully programmable

Tickets can be programed so that they are valid only for the arrival time specified, or you can programme in some ‘leeway’: giving your customers a 30 minute (or so) grace period in case of unforeseen delays.

Once your customer has decided to use the timed ticketing system to visit their event, they can simply proceed to check out, and they will then receive an email confirmation with an electronic version (PDF) of their ticket attached.

Securely designed

Developed in partnership with Phillips Semiconductors, all Paragon ID timed use tickets are ISO 14443 A-compliant.

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