Stock Management

Create greater customer satisfaction and ensure you don't lose profit by improving your stock management

managing stock inside store - improve speed and accuracy, reliability

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Paragon ID can implement RFID solutions to help you keep track of stock and improve customer service


RFID technology has revolutionised stock management and inventories. Working with RFID, you can improve speed and accuracy, stock reliability, increased sales and greater customer satisfaction – to name just a few benefits.

Why is RFID the best solution for stock management? 

Paragon ID’s RFID tags contain the same SSCC code as the one printed on a traditional label and are affixed to a product, box or a pallet. This, the third reading source, is much more secure and reliable. In comparison to a barcode label which can be poorly printed, dirty or damaged, the RFID label is always readable. Multiple tags can also be read simultaneously, and remotely. Reading distances are strongly dependant on the size of the antenna contained in the label: RFID gates can read from several meters away, whilst an RFID wand can detect the label from several centimetres away.

Improved accuracy

The accuracy rate achieved with a standard barcode is 80% - however with PRFID labels this increases to more than 95%. You can also benefit from real time access, and detailed information, on your stock levels. The software associated with the reading of the RFID tag, records the data contained in the chip, in your database and links with your warehouse management system.


Goods in and out 

Placing measuring points at strategic locations within your warehouse or logistics platform, can automate the entries and removal from storage, and ensure the rapid location of your pallets and other associated products.

Quick and reliable inventory

Paragon ID’s RFID solutions bring detailed information of your stock in storage: quantity, models, colour, size etc. Time spent on inventories is dramatically reduced, as you can simultaneously read multiple products with an RFID wand. This increases productivity and lessens hard work for your staff, so they are free to concentrate on sales and customer service.

Customer satisfaction

Multi-channel shopping experiences are now more and more common for the average customer. Generally a savvy shopper will look online, to check the availability of a product, before they head to the shop.  If the item they looked at isn’t in stock when they arrive at your premises, you could risk losing that customer, as well as damaging your reputation. Choosing a RFID solution can combat this. A simple and effective way to increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction.

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