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UHF and HF RFID tags

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RFID UF or UHF? What's best? What are the standards?



High Frequency (HF) electrical waves broadcast at 13.56 MHz on the radio frequency spectrum, whereas Ultra High Frequency (UHF) broadcasts at 860.960 Mhz.

This means that the radio frequency and label type chosen depends on:

·         the distance required between the reader and the microchip

·         memory capacity required

·         the level of security required

HF chips are best suited to applications that require the reading distance to be less than 1 meter. UHF chips - RAIN RFID technology- on the other hand, are better used in applications where the reading distance exceeds 1 meter, sometimes up to 15 meters - depending on the limitations of the reader.



Manufactured in a secure environment

Paragon ID ensures its RFID labels are manufactured in line with internationally applicable standards that regulate the manufacturing of RFID microchips, as well as their implementation. They govern:

• Radio frequency range used
• Maximum field strength for HF RFID
• Maximum transmit power for UHF RAIN RFID
• Communication protocol between the RFID reader and the microchip 
• Interoperability of the RFID systems

Paragon ID is the leading European manufacturer of RFID labels, and respects standards ISO 14443, ISO 15693 and ISO 18000.


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