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Paragon ID - market leader in magnetic tickets for over 30 years

Magnetic tickets, pioneered by Paragon ID

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Paragon ID, a pioneer in magnetic technology.


As Europe’s leading manufacturer of magnetic tickets, with clients across the globe, Paragon ID have dedicated facilities in Argent (France) and Hull (UK) which produce millions of units per month. 

Pioneering Technology

Paragon ID was the first supplier to introduce the magnetic technology in Europe with clients such as RATP and British Rail using our tickets for decades. Since the first introduction of magnetic tickets, we have continued to support the transport and mass transit sectors, with products that are now relied upon by millions of global commuters, every single day. 

We use our industry expertise, years of experience and partnerships with the leading systems integrators to offer customers optimised access control solutions and guaranteed high product quality.

Magnetic ticketing remains a reliable and effective solution for access control to secure transport networks. 

Our magnetic tickets

Fanfold, rolled or individual tickets, ISO or Edmonson formats, low or high coercivity... our products can be adapted to your needs

  • Paper, PET or PVC
  • Matt or gloss finish
  • Thermal or non-thermal
  • High / low coercivity
  • ISO or Edmonson format
  • Stripe width from 1.6 to 32mm
  • Roll, fanfold or individual
  • Printed offset or flexo, 1 to 8 colours and double-sided varnish in one print
  • Wide range of personalisation options including numbering, QR codes and barcodes

Although many cities have moved to contactless solutions such as contactless tickets or smart cards, we continue to supply magnetic tickets to some of the largest urban transport authorities throughout the world, enabling hundreds of thousands of commuters to enjoy seamless journeys; every day of the week, every week of the year.

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