eTrust for Secure Documents

RFID/NFC enabled smart paper featuring instant authentication for secure documents

intelligent documents with eTrust - RFID/NFC enabled smart paper featuring instant authentication for secure documents

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Paragon ID is implementing cutting-edge technology to help keep your personal documents safe and sound


eTrust for Secure Documents

eTrust is a new Paragon ID technology which helps transform secure paper-based products into intelligent documents. Birth certificates, diplomas, documents with sensitive content, but also luxury packaging for perfumes, and even business cards can attain another level of security, embedding a chip with a unique identifier, of which the authenticity can be instantly checked, at distance, by any user or customer.

Brand protection and customer engagement

With eTrust, the contactless feature (i.e. the antenna) is physically linked to the paper substrate. The 100% paper-based finished tag or document is therefore ultimately more robust against counterfeiting and forgery.

A second main feature is the ease of deployment of a cloud-based infrastructure for the verification itself, relying on deployed mobile phone networks. The eTrust enabled smart paper also greatly benefits brands’ marketing activities establishing new secured channels with consumers via NFC apps.

Thanks to the unique expertise of Paragon ID in embedded software, a highly secure app is available for download on any NFC-compliant mobile phone. This app provides a means to both securely store data on the mobile phone, and establish a trusted communication channel with the cloud-based server. 



Secure Documents: 

  • Birth certificates
  • Official documents with full traceability - degree certificates, customs documents, warranty certificates etc.
  • Document authentication using a decicated cloud-based application and any NFC-enabled smartphone

Applications for IoT / Secure Marketing

  • Brand protection secured label
  • Loyalty program secured tags
  • Secured label or tag authentication using a dedicated cloud-based application server and any NFC-enabled mobile phone

Twenty year’s know-how, acquired in the field of contactless communications, allows Paragon ID to support its customers with a team of experts in electronic & process manufacturing. Paragon ID designs its own antennas in order to reach the best performance levels possible, while also complying with the various RFID standards.

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