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Paragon ID is a specialist in the field of e-identification and in particular e-ID smartcards

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Inlays specially developed for e-ID smartcards


Secure e-ID documents

Paragon ID recognises that the number of secure e-ID documents is growing. It is estimated that by the year 2020, 55% of official identification documents in the world (passports, driving licenses etc.) will be “smart”, meaning, equipped with a chip .

As a supplier of contactless technology, Paragon ID offers a wide range of inlays incorporating RFID antennas specially manufactured to offer card manufacturers, and national printers, the ability to produce e-ID cards and other contactless secure documents.

Polycarbonate-based Corelam for e-ID Cards

Paragon ID’s 100% polycarbonate based CoreLam® is the thinnest contactless inlay available on the market. CoreLam® is a diverse family of polycarbonate inlays for advanced e-ID cards, meeting requirements in line with the electronic identity market. The 100% polycarbonate-finished cards are ultimately more robust against counterfeiting and forgery.

This ultra thin inlay has many features, including the opportunity for additional security layers, as well as increased resistance to fraud at no extra cost. Paragon ID’s expertise ensures that additional security systems – including laser engraveable artwork for a ghost image, visible within a clear or blind window, a shaped antenna and watermark features – are also in place.

CoreLam® is a multi-layered structure that is perfectly suited for the identity market. Chips are embedded from wafer relying on the Paragon ID patented Flip Chip Technology (FCT). The FCT is the assurance for extended durability in the finished product.

Benefits and characteristics

  • ISO14443
  • EPC GEN2
  • Durability
  • Thin inlays
  • Resistance to fraud
  • Security
  • ICAQ9303
  • 2006/126/EC Directive

Our expertise

The know-how acquired in the field of contactless communications in the last 20 years allows Paragon ID to support its customers with a team of experts in electronic & process manufacturing. Paragon ID designs its own antennas in order to reach the best performance while also complying with the various RFID standards. Each CoreLam® includes a guideline document, ensuring optimized inlay processes and therefore consistent results.

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