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Paragon ID can help you manage all your company’s relationships with present - and future - customers 

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Paragon ID have a wealth of experience in the field of customer relations


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with your customers and potential customers. When handled correctly, it can be one of the major elements in improving your profitability.

Recognising that companies and retailers face customers that are more and more demanding, and connected, Paragon ID have come up with numerous CRM solutions to aid in your efforts to retain existing customers, and cultivate new ones.

Paragon ID know that traditional techniques such as special offers, vouchers and loyalty cards remain efficient, but customers now expect a more personalised and flawless experience – and if they are not satisfied, they head straight to social media, to let everybody know.

This is why Paragon ID, leaders in RFID and NFC, have recognised how this technology can be employed to bring specific and tailored solutions, aimed at enhancing customer relationships.

Stock Availability

RFID can be used to track items and manage your stock, so you can ensure that the stock available in your shop is the same as shown on your website. This is critical for “Click and Collect” customers who expect that the product they have reserved on line are in stock when they come to pick it up. Stock accuracy and product availability ensure customer retention and satisfaction.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are not a new concept, but Paragon ID can now ensure they carry more and more data - dramatically enhancing the customer experience in store. The RFID microchip inside the loyalty card contains the customer data: personal details such as name, address, date of birth etc. but also purchasing habits. This information is then linked to the database in your CRM system, giving you the opportunity to get a better understanding of your clients, enabling you to target them more efficiently with offers fitting their profile.

As well as loyalty cards, Paragon ID can also supply welcome packs, invitations, personalised letters, email campaigns and much, much more. Paragon ID can provide everything a company needs to retain customers, and make them feel like VIPs at the same time.

Interactive Solutions

Interactive kiosks are often located at the entrance of the store and, in used in connection with loyalty cards, can offer more interactivity to the customer, allowing them to easily access information such as number of points, or offers, prior to their shopping experience. The kiosk can also push special offers if the customer fills in a quick form, or survey, allowing you to get accurate data on them. Using the data recorded in the card, the kiosk can then propose offers/information tailored to their profile.

Smart mirrors are also a great way to improve the customer experience and increase sales. 

Product Authenticity

Thanks to a RFID and NFC tags, customers can also authenticate their product, ensuring it is not a fake. They can also access additional information about the product and even acquire ownership of it. As well as contributing to the fight against counterfeiting, this creates a “user community” where the owner of the product can benefit from special offers and services, available only to them.

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