COVID-19 management solution for sports clubs

Managing lab testing data & contact tracing for players, staff, officials and other parties


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Keep your players safe by managing COVID-19 test data, social distancing & contact tracing


The Solution

The ready built software platform uses government backed security systems to issue a secure digital ‘Pass2Play’ certificate following recent negative antigen test results or positive antibody test (when available). This allows non-infected and immunised players to return to training and take part in matches, and coaches, support staff, officials and other parties such as journalists to attend. 

Thanks to the use of wearable wristbands and a mobile phone app this system can help ensure that social distancing is adhered to for compliance with Government rules during training.

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Pass2Play - A COVID-19 management solution for sports clubs

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The Benefits

  • Simple central solution for sports clubs and governing bodies to manage COVID-19 status of all players & staff
  • Automatic social distance monitoring to prove compliance with flexible settings to reflect current guidance
  • Keeping your players and others involved in the sport safe
  • Complying with regulations
  • Reducing the spread of coronavirus

Commander – ‘Pass2Play’ Mission Control Centre

A central management and reporting dashboard offers the option to manage internal messaging such as test reminders or instructions to self-isolate. It also provides access for clubs and governing bodies to test results and information such as:
  • Number of positive test results
  • Number of players in self isolation
  • Compliance to social distancing
  • Confirmation of players ‘Pass2Play’ for each match




‘Pass2Play’ Secure Certificate Issuance

Highly Secure QR code for instant issuance 

Every time a player, member of staff or other person involved in the sport has had an antigen or antibody test, the result is passed on to the central database. The result of ‘non-infected’ or ‘immune’ triggers an instant highly secure QR code certificate delivered to the app, and to the central database.

This can then be shown to officials and scanned for verification to ensure players are safe to take part in a match and staff are allowed to attend.

QR Code Security features includes screengrab disabled and secure algorithm which dynamically changes the QR code every 20 seconds, so any copy made would only be valid for 20 seconds.




Social Distancing Verification

Automated proximity tracking with real-time warnings

  • Worn by all players and staff, wristbands detect and track proximity – adjustable to current league rules. i.e players not allowed within 2m of each other
  • Wristband provides audible alerts or buzzing – indicating proximity breach or alert before breach occurs  
  • All proximity breaches are tracked, so if someone tests positive all those who have been in close contact can be notified to self-isolate and test
  • Proximity alerts can be paused for ‘contact training’ and then resumed after 
  • Compliance to rules are monitored and a ‘Pass2Play’ certificate issued to players who comply with rules ahead of matches




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