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Our experience in contactless technology

A leader in ticketing solutions, Paragon ID has been providing contactless tickets to cities in France the rest of the world for over 10 years. Heavy investment in contactless technologies, and strenghtened manufacturing capabilities with sites in France, UK and Romania means Paragon ID are able to manufacture contactless tickets complying with the current ISO 14443 A and B standards - as well as ITSO standard in the UK. 

Our manufacturing experience and thorough knowledge of the contactless technologies allow us to propose solutions for several applications:

  • PET and paper tickets
  • Short term to long term use (daily or weekly duration)
  • NXP, ST and Infineon chips
  • In rolls, singles and fanfolds
  • Various types of thicknesses
  • ISO 15457 compliant products

Paragon ID’s contactless solutions have been approved by our system integrator partners, for guaranteed compatibility with your transport network.

Contactless tickets for diverse markets

Commonly used for access control in the mass transit sector, contactless tickets can also be used for access in the leisure sector such as museums, leisure parks, entertainment venues, stadiums or large sport or cultural events. It can also be used in a retail environment for pre-paid vouchers

Available in a range of different memory sizes and security levels, our contactless tickets can fit any requirements. Our tickets are printed in 4 colour with a very high image quality, and we carry out the graphic personalisation (numbering, QR code, 1D and 2D barcodes) and the encoding via SAM. They can be delivered in die cut, fanfold or roll format, and are compatible with thermal printing, for applications requiring specific personalisation at the issuance.

Combining the efficiency of contactless smart card technology, with the low cost of a paper ticket, contactless tickets have become a cost-effective solution for occasional users.

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