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Paragon ID is leading the way in contactless technology


Contactless technology

Contactless technology is a must when high throughput, high validation speed and secure systems are required. It can be used for financial applications, secure access control, secure ID credentials and documents, AFC systems, all RFID applications for supply chain, inventory and item tracking.

Today, contactless technology is part of most people's daily lives. As one of the major leaders in contactless technology, Paragon ID provides smartcards to organisations worldwide. 


Contactless payment cards 

Paragon ID, through its subsidiary Thames Technology, designs, manufacture and personalise contactless cards for large clients in the financial and retail sectors. The range of products include 

  • Mastercard and Visa accredited cards
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Loyalty cards 


Contactless cards for Transport and Smart Cities

Initially used solely for bank applications, the contactless card has become a very common tool for long term use such as season passes and, in particular, access control.

Paragon ID's cards comply with international standards and are compatible with leading access control systems.

  • Material: PVC, PET or ABS
  • Calypso (CMC 512B, CD21) or Mifare (Mifare classix 1K / Mifare 4K, Mifare Plus, DESFire)
  • ISO 14443 A et B and ISO 15693 standard
  • Encoding and Numbering
  • Graphic and electric personalisation

All our contactless smart cards can be fully personalized with coloured artwork on the front and back side,  as well as other post-print features, including identification elements.

Paragon ID already provides Smartcards to over 150 cities worldwide. 

Added-value services

Paragon ID provides additional services include consultancy, design, mailing and fulfilment and secure data services. 


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