Transport & Smart Cities

Working today to build tomorrow's smart cities.
Transport & Smart Cities

Building smart cities begins with transportation infrastructure

Heavy traffic, mobility and pollution are universal issues for Smart Cities, making transportation a top priority. 

Cities across the world must facilitate the movement of citizens within their urban agglomeration which is critical to their economic growth. In order to do so, they have to rethink their transportation networks, offer modern and secure public transport and promote its use.

Along with public transport, Smart Cities must provide a safe environment for their inhabitants, students and visitors. Tourists are also important. If cities wants to see them come back, they must provide a great experience, from access to transport to quality of touristic venues. 

Years of experience in Public Transport

Paragon ID has been supplying access control solutions for over a century. From the first paper ticket when the Paris metro opened, to the development of the first magnetic tickets, followed by the first contactless tickets and smartcards, we have been part of every technological advances in access control. 

We work closely with the largest integrators worldwide ensuring that our solutions work perfectly with most systems in place. 

A true expertise for Smart Cities

Our solutions such as magnetic tickets, contactless tickets, smartcards, NFC tags and our secure services offering provide a true answer to Smart Cities' challenges: 

  • Public Transport
  • Car Parking
  • Bicycle sharing scheme
  • Motorways
  • Secure access to buildings
  • Student cards
  • Access to sport and leisure venues
  • Libraries
  • Tourism
  • Secure access to events, concerts, stadium and leisure parks


Our "Smart Cities" solutions 

Contactless card - leaders in contactless smart card solutions

Contactless smart cards

Contactless technology for access control, banking, e-ID...

customers queueing at venue entrance - timed use ticketing speeds up access

Timed Use Ticketing

Timed use ticketing increases customer satisfaction with lower wait times and faster access

Train station - Contactless tickets for mass transit

Contactless Tickets

Streamlining the journey for your customers.

Mobile ticketing solutions by Paragon ID

Mobile ticketing

A complete offering to fit the various requirements of Smart Cities Worldwide