Traceability and Brand Protection

Ensuring traceability of goods and protection of brands
Traceability and Brand Protection

Labels, RFID and new technologies - Innovative solutions to answer today's and tomorrow's challenges


Labels' manufacturer for more than 60 years, Paragon ID continues to innovate and adapt its offering to the changing needs of its customers in key sectors including logistics, retail, health, pharma and automotive.

Largest RFID inlays manufacturer in Europe, we have been able to combine our industrial know-how in labels with our innovations in RFID to offer new products and services that bring solutions to the challenges faced by many industries - product labeling, traceability, counterfeiting and customer engagement.

They include:

Traditional Labels

  • Logistics labels
  • Traceability labels
  • Stock labels

RAIN RFID tags and labels

  • UHF labels
  • UHF tags

Multi-technology tracking platform

Brand Protection

  • Secure authentication solutions
  • Security labels

In-store solutions and customer engagement

  • In-store labeling solutions / Source tagging
  • Smart packaging (NFC)
  • Loyalty programs (membership cards, gift cards, welcome packs)

Our "Traceability and Brand Protection" solutions

managing stock inside store - improve speed and accuracy, reliability

Stock Management

Create greater customer satisfaction and ensure you don't lose profit by improving your stock management

Luxury bags and shoes in retail store

Brand Protection

Protect your most valuable assets - your brand and reputation - with RFID



operations staff checking customer equipment runs smoothly

Operational Maintenance

Ensuring your customers' equipment runs smoothly by implementing proper maintenance procedures

Couple looking at documents  - secure services specialises in card and document personalisation

Secure Services

We provide a secure card personalisation, fulfiment and mailing service.