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Access control solutions for a wide range of sectors


Paragon ID has years of experience in providing access control solutions to a wide variety of different industries. From transportation companies to concerts, from universities to football stadiums and many, many more. Paragon ID can create a diverse set of answers for a diverse set of sectors.

As a leading manufacturer in Europe of RFID and contactless solutions, Paragon ID can provide a range of access control products tailored to the requirements of customers worldwide. These can include:


·        Disposable tickets

·        Monthly/Yearly passes

·        Smart Cards

·        Account-based ticketing, including mobile ticketing


To provide our customers with peace of mind, Paragon ID manages the complete supply chain of RFID/contactless tickets. Starting with the manufacturing of the inlay, to the encoding of and the printing of the final product, Paragon ID is there every step of the way.


Paragon ID supply magnetic tickets, contactless tickets and smartcards to some of the largest bus and rail operators in France, the UK, and throughout the world. This enables hundreds of thousands of commuters to enjoy seamless journeys - every day of the week, every week of the year.


Ensuring the tickets your attendees purchase are the real deal, and not counterfeits, is harder and harder in this day and age. Paragon ID ensures that you know the tickets your customers use are authentic. Event tickets can carry security features such as numbering, security inks, holograms and can even integrate RFID – ensuring full traceability from production to sale. This means that not only will venue owners not have to worry about unauthorised access, but there will also be no loss of revenue. 




The access control for sensitive buildings, areas or private zones within the grounds of a university, can be facilitated by simply reading the RFID chip on the ID card or ticket. The access rights and access levels are personalised depending on the cardholder and stored in the RFID chip.

Smart Cities

Firstly used for bank applications, contactless cards have become a very common tool to access many facilities. Many cities are ow offering passes that give access to a wide range of public services including swimming pools, sport facilities, libraries and museum. One card to enjoy all of what the city has to offer. 


In order to ensure our tickets and cards are compatible with each access control system, Paragon ID works closely with the largest system integrators such as XEROX, VIX Technology or Parkeon. 


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