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Paragon ID can help everyone with an interest in sport and leisure gain more satisfaction through the use of RFID technology

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skii slopes - using hands free technology to speed up entry and exit into events, concerts, activites through RFID usage

Streamlining your customer's experience using Paragon ID's expertise in contactless technology...


Paragon ID is at the forefront of technology that is dramatically increasing the pleasure that people gain from their favourite sport and leisure activities. Tourists, spectators, sports club members, users of fitness equipment…anyone can enjoy the benefits of access control by RFID, or the many applications of Near Field Communications (NFC).

Streamlining access control

Paragon ID’s RFID solutions can streamline access control in a variety of sectors, speeding up entry to and exit from venues, thus meaning customers have more time to partake of their chosen activity. For example skiers can benefit from using a hands-free pass, which contains the information required to allow access to the slopes. This means there’s no longer any need to take it out of your pocket, to have it scanned by a barcode reader.

To add more credit to the pass, all that is needed is to go to a ticket office, or a kiosk, and pay with cash or a credit card. The information on the RFID chip is then automatically updated.

Concerts and shows

Thanks to NFC, the customer can simply bring their phone to the NFC reader to access the venue. NFC can then provide them with access to a wide range of complementary services such as exclusive information on the artist, album download and the phone can even be used to pay for refreshments and promotional merchandise.


Multimedia enrichment

NFC tags placed within a museum, or outside of historical buildings, can provide tourists and visitors with access to additional, contextual information. All the visitor has to do to activate this feature is simply approach the tag with their NFC phone.

Visitors’ journeys are then enriched with multimedia content (video, audio, maps, archival images, etc.) associated with the pieces of arts or the buildings’ history. This adds value to their visit, as well as creating brand loyalty and encouraging repeat visits.


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