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Keeping students safe in schools is just one of the ways that RFID is helping to improve the way education services are presented

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Education : Pour un environnement sécurisé et enclin à l'apprentissage grâce aux technologies sans contact de Paragon ID...

Keeping your students safe and secure at all times with contactless technology from Paragon ID...


Paragon ID knows that education is a huge part of many people’s lives, and keeping students safe in schools is just one of the ways that RFID can help to improve the way education services are presented. Schools also want to keep their asset costs low, reduce the shrinkage of their inventory and also lower their administration costs, as much as possible.

That’s why so many are turning to Paragon ID to help them achieve this, all with just three essentials: Paragon ID’s RFID hardware expertise, our flexible software and our support.

RFID technology and education

Implementing the use of RFID technology means that educators and administrators can monitor students’ access to the school itself, manage equipment, inventory, time, capital and tools, and make schools safer and more efficient - all at the same time.

Schools are full of resources. Once they only had libraries full of books, but these days they are also home to numerous pieces of expensive electronic equipment, to aid in educating their students. Paragon ID’s RFID expertise can help with this and, by tagging each piece of equipment, you can then monitor not only where it is, but how much it is used, and when it needs to be looked at for damage checks, or maintenance.


Inventory tracking 

Tagging instruments in a music program allows administrators to know where a particular instrument is at all times, and who last signed it out to take it home.

Keeping tabs on books in the library is just as easy, a simple RFID label applied to the books, documents and other media available in the library ensures – through the uniqueness of their microchips – that any book, or item of media is identified without error. Using Paragon ID’s RFID readers (connected directly to the library management system) the information contained in these chips can then be pulled - author, title, collection, location, status of the book, if it's already on loan etc.

RFID and student safety

The most precious resource any school has are its students and by using Paragon ID’s RFID technology administrators can know which pupil is in which class, and who is absent. They can also control access to certain areas of the school - ensuring only authorized teachers or students can gain entry. Each student is given a badge - or a lanyard with a badge attached - that grants them access to wherever they need to be, and bars them entry from wherever they don't need to be.

Readers situated in prominent areas read the tag information and allow the wearer access, or not, depending on the information contained. All of the data from the school’s readers can be uploaded at any time, in real time, so administrators always know what is going on in their building, whether it be tracking the students or the educational equipment that helps facilitate their learning.

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