RFID Labels

Paragon ID brings together 50 years of experience in label converting and high-tech in-house inlay manufacturing


RFID Labels

Paragon ID gives you the opportunity to combine all aspects of conventional labels with the exciting new world of the IoT. The integration of an RFID inlay into a normal labels is really the best of both worlds: a strong visual message and a connection to the digital world.

RFID labels are the combination of a normal label and an RFID inlay. It sounds simple, but due to the enormous number of different materials and printing techniques used for normal labels, combining the two worlds requires unique expertise. Paragon RFID has 50+ years of experience with label conversion and over 15 years with combining this with RFID and offers a wide variety of label products with RFID capabilities.

Besides being able to produce almost any conventional label with an integrated RFID inlay, Paragon ID can also print the label with variable data and program the RFID inlay.