Paragon ID's inlays - RAIN, NFC and RAINFC - are designed and manufactured in Europe. 


Paragon ID offers a range of inlay sizes for both RAIN RFID and NFC, as well as for a combination of the two, RAINFC

Paragon ID offers inlays products that are manufactured in Europe using the highest quality standards. Paragon ID is one of the very few inlay production companies that received the presigious ARC quality certification from Auburn University (Alabama), which underlines the production standards used for all our products. 

For its inlay production, Paragon ID is using IC's from world renown partner companies like Impinj, NXP, EM microelectronic and STMicroelectronics. 

Our inlay products are performance optimized for certain market segments and offered in three form factors:

  • dry inlay on continuous web
  • wet inlay: die-cut with adhesive backing on silicon liner
  • label: die-cut with adhesive backing and face material on silicon liners


RAIN RFID, NFC, RAINFC - What is the difference? 

Although all derived from RFID technology, RAIN RFID, NFC and RAINFC are all forms of wireless technologies. They however differ based on the frequency on which they operate and the applications they are suited for. 

  • RAIN RFID: RAIN RFID inlays operate in the UHF band and can have read ranges of 10 to 15 meters. They are particularly suited for applications such as inventory management, lost prevention, asset and equipment tracking. 
  • NFC (Near Field Communication): NFC inlays operate in the HF (short range) band are available in different types. NFC inlays can be read by any smartphone. They are particularly suited for brand protection and marketing applications 
  • RAINFC: RAINFC inlays combine RAIN and NFC in one IC with shared memory.  They can be used to combine several applications requiring UHF and HF read range, for example, inventory and brand protection. 

Our inlays

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RAIN RFID inlays

Paragon ID offers 4 ranges of RAIN RFID inlays suited to diverse sectors. Click here to access our catalogue. 


NFC inlays

Paragon ID offers NFC inlays in many different sizes and various read ranges and applications including brand protection. 


RAINFC inlays

Experts in RFID, we don't stop at RAIN RFID and NFC, we can provide specialised inlays such as RAINFC, NFC+tamper, RAINFC+tamper...