Mobile Ticketing - NFC / HCE

Contactless tickets on Smartphones via NFC

Billetterie mobile NFC - HCE

Contactless tickets on Smartphones via NFC, compliant with NFC and ticketing standard.

Mobile ticketing via NFC allows travellers to substitute their transport tickets, cards and passes with their smartphones. Already used for mobile payment, the NFC technology embedded in most mobile phones can also emulate a transport card allowing passengers to purchase and validate their tickets on their phone. 

Very easy and convenient to use, it is also extremely secure and gives the best experience to customers. 

Paragon ID has partnered with Wizway Solutions who is the sole industrial player in Europe providing a comprehensive NFC platform, having access to hardware security solutions (such as the Secure Element embedded in Samsung smartphones) and software security solutions such as Paragon ID's HCE (Host Card Emulation) technology.

Host card Emulation is a technology that enables software emulation of a traditional smartcard to enable a mobile device to act as a virtual representation of a contactless smartcard. Paragon ID's NFC / HCE solution is conform to ISO and Calypso standards. Already used by several cities, our solution allow passengers to benefit from an improved user experience.  



Easy implementation

  • Compatible with all current contactless validation systems
  • No additional equipment required
  • No capital investment required


  • Tickets are stored in the smartphone’s secure memory
  • Field proven security and anti-counterfeiting
  • Only the transport network can access users’ personal data

Enhanced customer experience

  • Simple: The smartphone replaces all tickets and cards
  • Quick: Wave the smartphone over the reader to instantly validate tickets
  • Convenient and smart: Works without a signal and even with a flat battery

Key objectives

  • Complement tickets & smartcards to meet all users’ expectations
  • Increased ridership
  • Reduces passive fraud
  • In line with Smart Cities’ digitization strategies



Access control solution across the whole smart city



A true Smart City solution! 

Our NFC solution can also be used to access libraries, sport complex, museums or bike sharing scheme...






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