Mobile Ticketing - Dynamic QR code

An easy to implement system for small and medium-sized cities

Mobile ticketing - Dynamic QR code

All-in-one travelers' information service and Transactional Platform

Our mobile ticketing solution, developed by airweb, is dedicated to the mass transit sector offering a travelers' information service and a transactional web-platform. Easy to implement and very secure, our mobile ticketing system allows you to provide your customers with an easy to use mobile app. 


Enhanced experience for users

Commuters and occasional travellers can purchase and validate their travel tickets in few seconds, directly from their smartphone, making the access to public transport simpler and more convenient.

Easy account creation & secure payment

  • Easy account creation via registration or facebook - 3 steps "purchase and validate" process
  • Payment available via Credit Cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal and Venmo
  • Purchasing options: Single, books, buy now use later...

Real-time information

  • Link to transport networks' application
  • Access to information such as timetables, bus routes, traffic info, news...
  • Security with anti-fraud technology




Benefits for Transport Networks

Our mobile ticketing solution brings operators the opportunity to streamline the delivery of tickets and increase sales while preventing fraud.

It is also a powerful tool that provides a wealth of data.

Data collection and analysis - Back office

Access to a back office with insighful data analytics including: 

  • Live geolication of travellers activities
  • Map based interface
  • Direct communication towards users
  • Graphical display of usage data
  • Detailed financial reports

Easy and cost-efficient implementation

  • No requirement for new equipment to be installed
  • No device maintenance
  • No upfront capital investment


  • Account based ticketing solution
  • Secured ticket even for a visual control
  • QR code for advanced inspection



View our video for a quick and simple overview of our solution. 

tixiPASS - How does it work ?

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