Genesta recommends to invest in Paragon ID shares and estimates a rise in value of +70%!



Paragon ID Share price

Paragon ID shares, strong potential for the firszt half year of 2018


In January 2018, the independent financial analyst, Genesta, reported on its selection of the top 5 shares with high potential for the first half of 2018.

It is the first time Paragon ID has made the selection with the analyst giving an estimated potential of +70%, the highest of the selected companies.

Genesta writes: “Paragon ID is in the process of becoming a European champion of contactless solutions. The company will benefit from a stronger market position, optimizing its cost structure and highlighting high margins, in line with the highly technological positioning of their proposition.”

Based on 1/ Paragon ID’s diverse and exhaustive offering, 2/ its technological and industrial synergies following the reorganisation, 3/ the strong growth in the sector and 4/ it’s estimation on the potential value of the share, Genesta strongly recommends a strong buy for Paragon ID shares with an objective of 2.10€, a potential rise of 70%.

Click here to access Genesta’s full half-year report (only available in French).

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