Experts in RFID, we don't stop at RAIN RFID and NFC, we can provide specialised inlays such as RAINFC, NFC+tamper, RAINFC+tamper...

RAINFC is the combination of RAIN RFID and NFC technology in one IC with memory that can be accessed through both interfaces. It offers the best of both world: a RAINFC tag can be read with a smartphone and has all the security features associated with that, but also in bulk and at a distance with a RAIN RFID reader. 
Typical applications are in the Brand Protection market, where the ability for a consumer to interact with the product (authentication, customer experience) is important while the tag is also used for logistics and distribution purposes  with RAIN RFID enabling products on a pallet or in a box to be identified.
Besides the RAIN RFID and NFC contactless interfaces an additional feature is a so-called tamper loop. The tamper loop enables the IC to detect tampering with the product and to communicate that when the tag is read. The tamper loop can for example be used to detect the unauthorized opening of a package or prevent the refilling of opened bottles.
RAINFC designs tend to be more customized than pure RAIN RFID or NFC designs. Paragon ID has a lot of experience with RAINFC and can help you find and fit the right solution for your application