A wide range of RAIN RFID inlays meeting ARC certification for diverse markets


Paragon ID offers 4 ranges of RAIN RFID inlays suited to diverse sectors



RAIN RFID Alliance

What is RAIN RFID? 

RAIN RFID is a wireless technology based on ultra high frequency (UHF) which connects items to the internet. The technology helps businesses and consumers to identify, locate, authenticate and engage with these items. 
Paragon ID is a member of RAIN Alliance, the organisation dedicated to promote and grow the adoption of this technology, in particular in aviation, retail, healthcare and smart manufacturing sectors. 

RAIN RFID inlays by Paragon ID

Paragon ID offers RAIN RFID inlays in different formats and with different ICs. RAIN RFID inlays operate in the UHF band and are highly standardized according to the PEC Gen 2V2 standard. The advantages of RAIN RFID inlays is that the read range can be very high, up to 10-15 meters, and that they are optimized for bulk reading of tagged items with speed of up to 1000 inlays per seconds. 

ARC certified inlays

Auburn University in Alabama (USA) has established a program, the ARC program, with the purpose to ensure that RFID tags are able to meet or exceed the levels of performance and quality necessary to provide the requested benefits to the end user in a consistent and cost-effective manner. ARC works with the requirements (the ARC specs) that a RFID tag needs to meet to perform reliability in the deployment. An inlay is tested and when meeting the requirements for a certain spec, is given an ARC approval for that spec. When appropriate, Paragon ID inlays are ARC tested and have received ARC approval. 

Our range of RAIN RFID inlays

We have developped 4 ranges of RAIN RFID inlays to fit specific markets. 

  • Explorer: for item level Retail applications
  • Ranger: for general industrial applications
  • Voyager for Aviation
  • Pioneer inlays for pharmaceutical (Dose-ID)