NFC inlays

Near Field Communication - Contactless payment, brand protection, smart marketing 

iPhone can read NFC tags
Because NFC inlays and labels can be read by a smartphone, the use of such labels has become very popular in many applications, including contactless payment, brand protection and smart marketing.
Paragon ID offers NFC inlays in many different sizes. Read ranges of these labels vary from centimeters for small NFC type 2 and 4 tags up to one meter or more for credit card sized NFC type 5 tags.
NFC IC’s are available in 5 types, as defined by the Near Field Communications (NFC) Forum, with different characteristics and for different use cases. The 5 types are:
Paragon ID has years of experience with the different NFC types and IC’s that are available and we can help you select the right type of product for your application.
Paragon offers NFC inlays using aluminium and copper antenna. As copper is a better conductor, the smaller sized inlays are made of this material. 

Paragon ID NFC inlays