Bemrose Booth Paragon now trading as Paragon ID

BemroseBooth now trading as Paragon ID

Bemrose Booth Paragon is now trading as Paragon ID 

BemroseBooth Paragon (BBP), now trading as Paragon ID, has been a supplier of parking and mass transit tickets for more than 100 years.

You may know us best as the leading manufacturer of magnetic tickets, in fact, we played a key part in the creation of magnetic technology which is used by transport companies and car park operators across the globe. As an established manufacturing site and ticketing expert, we have the capacity to produce a billion paper based tickets each year.

Although our heritage is something that we are very proud of, we have seen the market evolve and rather than be a follower in new tech, we are taking the lead. That is why we are developing technologically advanced smart cards, labels, tags and cards using technologies such as RFID and NFC, to meet the future requirements of organisations across a range of sectors.

Our Products

We have a full selection of products including magnetic tickets, RFID cards and labels. We realise that not everyone wants something ‘off the shelf’. That's why we work in partnership with our clients, so that we can provide solutions that fullfil the diverse requirements they have.